Most ValuableThe back cover of your newsletter is not only your mailing panel. It will be the first thing your subscribers see when they receive it in the mail, so use that space and fill it with information to really grab your reader’s attention. This brings man advantages to your newsletter and helps to ensure your potential customers look through it.

Back covers are so important because most newsletters are designed as self-mailers and are folded with the mailing panel on one side and the prime real estate section on the other. It is called the prime real estate because it will be the first thing your customers see and read, besides the mailing panel, so you need to make a good impression by placing an important message to your readers in that section.

As an example of how to use your back page effectively, consider this usage by and HVAC dealer. The owner wanted to introduce a new product- a whole house generator- to increase his profits. An article was written discussing the benefits of investing in such a generator and included a picture of the machine. It was placed on the back page, and within days of sending it back, the owner received thirteen different calls regarding the product. Since each generator sells for about $6,000, the owner earned a substantial amount of money by sharing his new product with his clients.

The back cover is not only for marketing purposes.  Many companies use it as a place to make a personal connection with their customers by sharing personal stories about their life and family. By doing this, they come across as people and not just a money-seeking company. Usually these articles are written in the first person and are addressed directly to the customers through words such as “you” and “your.” Your customers will enjoy this personal connection and read the rest of your newsletter, wondering what else is in store.

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