Why Printed Customer Newsletters, Anyway?

Facebook advertising.

Social media.



Bot messaging.


Speaking from stage.

Press releases.

Publishing books.

All of these are great ways to build brand awareness, generate referrals and repeat business, and increase your profits.

I do all of them myself, and they work great.

How Many “Hot” Tactics And Strategies Have Come And Gone?

Throughout my 40+ years’ experience I’ve been a retail manager, marketing executive, guy who stocked shelves at Target (and did their store newsletter!), online entrepreneur, and now Dream Business Coach.

I’ve seen so many flashes in the pan shine brightly for two minutes, then fade out.

Remember article marketing? Google took that one out with one tiny algorithm change.

How about those little videos of people walking around your website? Apple destroyed those pretty much overnight by dumping Flash.

(I did both those things, too.)

Point being, through all my years in business, ONE and ONLY ONE strategy has stood the test of time for longer than I’ve been married:

Sending A Monthly Printed Customer Newsletter To Your Prospects, Current And Previous Customers, And Referral Partners

Dollar for dollar, sending a printed newsletter is the most effective (and enduring) marketing tool available – bar none!

Newsletters increase brand-name awareness.

They enhance your reputation as an industry expert.

They have a longer shelf life than other forms of marketing (people keep them around).

Not to mention, they tend to get read by multiple readers!

PLUS! Newsletter marketing is a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here Are Four More Reasons Why Sending A Printed Customer Newsletter Is So Darn Effective

First, most people read newsletters with their guard down! This is a key reason why they are so effective, because newsletters are not perceived as simply another sales solicitation (like many e-mails tend to be these days).

Dan Kennedy puts it this way, “People are conditioned to be less resistant to reading information (such as articles) than advertising.”

Second, your customers will look forward to receiving your newsletter.

Third, newsletters are an effective way to introduce new products and services.

Fourth, customer newsletters are a highly effective “referral” tool. (Hint: this is where you get NEW customers from – and these new customers are pre-sold!)

One Final Thing To Consider About Printed Customer Newsletters

When’s the last time you checked your postal mail?

What was in there?

Credit card offers and credit card bills, I’ll bet.

How many printed customer newsletters did you get?

Point being, you probably receive a few customer newsletters now and then – and with a few seconds of thought, you can probably say right off the top of your head who sends them to you!

Now THAT cipf-es.org is brand awareness and dominating space your competition ignores.

Your No Hassle Newsletter, using our professional newsletter templates, should be part of your marketing mix.

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