Here’s the cold hard truth about your customer newsletter:

It’s not about you and what you want to write about.

Rather, it’s about what your customers want to read and what is of interest to them.

You’ve heard that you must “know your audience.”

A good way to do that is to get a mental image of your target customer when writing and designing your newsletter.

Think about who your average customer is.

It could be male or female.

It could be a certain age.

It could be a certain demographic.

Try and get a detailed picture of the unique qualities of your target customer.

Next, go online and find a picture of what you imagine this person looks like, then put that picture on your desk.

As you’re writing, just keep looking at that picture and write as if you’re having a conversation with that person.

It sounds a little hokey, but it’s a very cool exercise, one that brings impressive results.

Visualizing your customer becomes very easy if you think of a specific person you can use as a reference point.

You already have customers and you want to meet their needs.

If your customer is Art Jones, and you’re going to send the newsletter to Art, use him as your mental picture.

You’ll get much more insight if you ask, “What would Art like?” than you will if you ask, “What will my customers like?”

You’ll have a better idea of what to write about if you ask, “What questions has Art asked me?” instead of “What questions do my customers ask?”

Then when you prepare and write your newsletter, close your eyes, picture “Art”, and write to him.

Imagine yourself having a conversation with him, and the conversation becomes newsletter articles.

Your goal is to make sure that Art stays engaged in the conversation and thanks you when you’re done.

If you do that, you’ll connect with a huge amount of people through your customer newsletter.

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