Make NewslettersIf you have a business and haven’t yet utilized the power of ezines or newsletters, you don’t know what you’re missing. You’re also shortchanging your company of some huge benefits. Newsletters and ezines, when used correctly, can drive some major sales to your company at record speeds.

Here are some tips to make your newsletter efforts more effective.

  • Use the right keywords to attract attention. There are certain phrases that your target audience uses when they are searching for information about your product or service. Do research to find these keyword phrases and incorporate them into your newsletters.
  • Give your readers real value. If you’re going to send a newsletter to customers and prospects be sure to give them valuable content that they can really use. Don’t make your newsletter one long commercial for your business.
  • Use an attention-grabbing opening. You only get one shot at drawing readers into your newsletter content. Be sure that you use powerful headlines and openers to draw your readers in. If the opening is weak many people won’t even get past it.
  • Use smart formatting and design. Avoid the temptation to get fancy with your layout. Format the text in your newsletter so that it is readable and inviting to potential readers. Remember that many people simply scan newsletters, so be sure to use lists, bold fonts and other formatting elements to make your newsletter inviting to scanners too.
  • Include links in your newsletter. You ultimately want to get readers to visit your website. Use links to invite readers to the parts of your website that are relevant to the writing and to what you are trying to communicate  to them.

Be sure that you keep your newsletter focused on providing valuable, timely content to your users. Make sure that you deliver your content to them in a way that is fresh, unique and easy to read. Throw in the best possible resource links and you will have a recipe for success. Newsletters can be one of your most powerful tools in sales and marketing if you incorporate these tips into every issue

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