To IncludeYou’ve decided to start a newsletter. Next, you’ve got to figure out what exactly to put in it.

You want your newsletter to provide information that people want and need to know. Chances are any subscribers you have aren’t going to want to hear about your personal life. They want to hear about things that are relevant to them. So get to know your readers. Design a survey for people to take to see what they’re interested in. Use the results to narrow down the subject matter of your newsletter.

When you’ve narrowed it down, now give them your two-cents. What are the problems and needs of your readers? Do you have any solutions or helpful tips? Share any secrets you might have in your newsletter. If you prove to be helpful to your readers, they’ll keep coming back to you.

You also need to make sure your newsletter doesn’t read like a sales pitch. You don’t want to push your products on your readers- you want to inform them enough about what you’re offering so they can then make a decision on their own.

This is why it’s important that your newsletter short and to the point. Keep it straightforward. If your newsletter is too long, you’ll lose your reader’s attention, so keep all this in mind when you’re starting to write.

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