What to AvoidFor your newsletter to be successful, you’ve got to get people to read it- and pay attention to it. For this to happen, your newsletter has to be well constructed- well written, enjoyable, and informative. So, to keep your subscribers and keep pulling readers in, you need to know what to avoid.

Above everything else, you want to make sure you’re writing for yourself. If you’re only writing for the reader, your newsletter will read like a promotion or sales-pitch and not like an informative piece. Write for yourself and your newsletter will evoke more interest in your reader.

Pay attention to the way you write too. Your newsletter will speak volumes about your company so avoid any spelling mistakes or fragmented thoughts.

Keep your newsletter short and sweet. Avoid long sentences and too much detail. Your readers want information so present it to them in the simplest way possible. At the same time, make sure you steer clear of any difficult text. Don’t use any big or confusing words. Also, make sure your newsletter is easy to read. This is where style elements can help you so take advantage of bold lettering and italicized type.

And lastly, make sure you keep informing your readers. Be consistent with when you’re sending out your newsletter. If you want to update your subscribers once or twice a month, make sure you stick to this schedule.

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