in Your EmailSo you have your newsletter template and you’re ready to start inputting all sorts of cool content for your subscribers to read. What sort of information should you present to your customers in your regular newsletters?

First of all, quality content is fundamental in every issue of your newsletter. Your promotional content should not occupy the more prominently featured sections; you want the informative, useful, and enjoyable content to stand out. For example, if your business offers flower arrangements and deliveries, consider including a section like “Flower of the Week,” where you share interesting tidbits about rare and beautiful flowers and their significance across different cultures. Or if you sell cosmetic products, include helpful beauty tips and tricks in your newsletters, and invite your subscribers to share their own as well.

You can also feature current events in your newsletters; you’ll never run out of material with all the things going on in the world. Comment on the latest international news or the highlights of your favorite TV shows this week. Share your opinion on the latest outlandish fashion trends of Hollywood celebrities, or the recent viral videos circulating the web. This will demonstrate that your business is up to date with current affairs and provide your audience with a laugh, or enlighten them about something they didn’t know about before.

You could also take advantage of your newsletters to introduce your staff to your readers. You could feature a short bio of one of your employees every month, and let your readers know more about the creative people who run your business. Ask your subscribers if they would like to appear in your newsletter as well. That way, you can promote a strong sense of community within your customer base as your readers get to know each other through your newsletter and learn about the hobbies, interests, and motivations they might have in common.

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