a NewsletterIf you are unsure about how to add content and graphics to fit within the given space easily, then following a few guidelines and instructions can let you get the solution. A normal newsletter of four pages contain about 2,400 words; the front and back pages contain about 400-500 words per page. Remaining pages can be utilized for adding table of contents and introductions. The inside pages can contain about 700 words and there is place for a few photos of smaller sizes as well. An effective and attention grabbing newsletter can be made by keeping the balance of white spaces, images and content. Do not over crowd any portion of the letter with content or images; otherwise the reader can lose interest. Be careful because newsletter is one of the most significant email marketing tools and so look and appearance of the newsletter matter a lot and should be given appropriate consideration.

The template you select for the newsletter should also be very attractive and unique. Free online templates are available and you can select any of them as per your requirement and taste. Finding smartly designed newsletter templates is not that complex task; the required templates are just a few clicks away. It would just save your time and it also won’t consume your energy to design a new template from scratch. Take care of graphics as well; using high quality graphics and images can attract your readers and can enforce them to read a letter about the services and products you are offering or you are about to launch. The content and the graphics are important ingredients of a successful newsletter and it can let you enjoy the best results of the campaign of e-marketing via newsletters.

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