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Thank you for becoming a monthly member of Jim Gillespie’s No Hassle Newsletter Program for Commercial Real Estate Brokers. You have made a great decision!

I know that you are going to enjoy the same dramatic results that others have by mailing out newsletters every month to your clients and prospects.

As a reminder, you will be charged $217 every month. However, when you place your monthly newsletter order, we will return 100% of this fee as a credit on your purchase. That’s right – when you place your monthly order for 100 or more newsletters, you’ll receive an automatic and immediate credit of the entire $217!!

I encourage you to immediately mark your calendar on the same day every month as a reminder to place your order. This is for two reasons. First, newsletters that arrive every month at the same time have a higher perceived value – just like magazines! Second, the $217 monthly fee cannot be saved and accumulated to be used in future months. If you do not order your newsletter in any month, you will not receive your $217 credit.

To help keep you on track – I have set up an automatic e-mail alert system that will generate three reminders for you to place your order every month. Please understand this is an automatic and prescheduled e-mail that you receive every month whether or not you place your order. Therefore, you may receive an e-mail reminding you to place your order after you have already done so. Because I figure – we’re better off being safe than sorry!

You will receive an e-mail soon with your “private link” to the exclusive order site. This private link is not to be shared with non-paying members of Jim Gillespie’s No Hassle Newsletter Program. Orders are monitored and non-paying member orders will not be processed. Sharing this private link will result in a loss of membership and further association with Jim Gillespie and No Hassle Newsletters. Thank you for your complete honesty and cooperation.

I thank you and congratulate you on your wise decision!

To your success,

America’s Premier Commercial Real Estate Coach (sm)

P.S. Your mailing list will be uploaded as an Excel spreadsheet. Here is a sample layout: