Creating Email NewsletterAn email newsletter has become an essential tool of your business promotion strategies to communicate right information about your products and services to prospective customers. They keep the user informed and updated about your current business policies and procedures. Preparing an email newsletter from the zero is definitely a time consuming task, however you can reduce this time by choosing an email newsletter template. Once you decide the right template you can use it many times.

Before creating a newsletter template out of an existing email template, you have to take into account some important factors such as design, number of pages and the information that you have to convey to your customers. For example in a four page template, on the first page include main article, index and images, place second article on the second page, a standard page size photograph on the third page and contents such as small news and a staff list on the last page. Remember, you are the person who will decide the look and feel of your template like margin, font type and size. It’s always a good practice to write down such small details before creating your newsletter template.

Next, you have to save this first draft and take out the print to have a closer look on it because what looks on screen may not look attractive on printing paper.  Go to the save copy of your newsletter template and make a list of things you don’t want on in your newsletter.

You can also go back to the template to make necessary changes and modifications but its always safe to save a backup copy in case you accidently loss or delete it. Again print it out and see if it’s your required newsletter and repeat the same steps if it still needs alternation. Once approve your newsletter template, save on your hard drive and on removable media such as CD or pen drive to secure you template.

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