For PublicationAppearance and first impressions are everything.  Before someone gets to know you personally their only means of knowing who you are is through your outward appearance.  This ideology also pertains to the selling of a product.  For instance, if a newsletter publication does not appear to be a trustworthy professional source of information then no one will read it.

The design of your newsletter, whether it be electronic or paper, is the main means of getting someone to read it and sign up for a subscription.  If your publication resembles an amateur attempt it will most likely be deleted.  People receive emails all day, and many of them are ignored because they have zero appeal.  If your newsletter looks professional you increase your chance of reaching potential interested readers by tenfold.  Due to spam and junk mail people get annoyed at having an inbox filled with useless information.

It is important to HTML and graphic design skills are not needed to make a newsletter.  There is a large market for editing software and by searching the Internet it is easy to find free design templates to work with.  Templates are easy to work with since there is no need to alter complicated code.  Through the use of editing software, all one has to do is click and drag images or text and place them within the template.

Another factor to remember is the consistency and credibility of your publication.  If there is a consistent format and design scheme readers will be able to easily identify it and read it.  A professional newsletter does not come without a substantial amount of work and preparation.

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