Online NewslettersBusinesses have always recognized the importance of newsletters as marketing tools for expanding and communicating with their existing customer base. Newsletters allow subscribers to read all about the company’s latest news, ongoing sales and promotions, new products and services, and upcoming events in one publication. But more importantly, newsletters comprise a consistent effort on the company’s part to connect with their readers and develop customer loyalty.

The first newsletters were created using software programs such as Microsoft Office Publisher, and the print-based issues consisted of feature articles, company news, and other information. It was a rather expensive and labor-intensive effort to produce and distribute these newsletters considering the copying, proof-reading, and large-scale printing requirements. Naturally, these costs increased with the number of subscribers, so companies and organizations viewed the circulation of newsletters as a substantial investment.

Today, however, email newsletters have considerably reduced these costs as all distribution takes place online and no expensive printing is necessary. Countless companies and organizations have embraced this valuable environmentally-friendly tool to keep in touch with their customers and efficiently advertise their products and services. Affordable email newsletter services are widely available from several companies online, and free web resources for people who wish to design their own newsletters are also accessible.

If you want to create and distribute your own newsletter, you can find several websites that offer a variety of newsletter templates that you can customize to your liking. Once you decide on a template, all you have to do is insert your text, images, and graphics and select your preferred fonts, colors, and backgrounds. Don’t forget to proofread your work and send yourself a copy to evaluate the finished newsletter. Once this process is finished, send out your newsletter and you’re on your way to a more meaningful and rewarding relationship with your customers!

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