Simple GuideUnderstanding the differences between newsletters can help you communicate and get your message across more efficiently to your target audience. Newsletters generally fall into three different categories:, company newsletters, organization newsletters, and consumer newsletters

The “company newsletter” is used to keep employees up to date about the company’s business (ex. new developments, financial updates, features, profiles etc). A well-written company newsletter provides employees with a greater sense of unity with the company; the newsletter should bolster employees’ morale and emphasize the importance of group efforts.

The “organization newsletter” takes the “company newsletter” a step further by covering a broader scope; while the “company newsletter” focuses mainly on a specific company, the “organization newsletter” can focus on multiple companies and the virtues of the organization.

On the other hand, the “consumer newsletter” is tailored to the company’s customers; it is important to keep this target audience in mind, as this newsletter should contain information most pertinent to the customers such as consumer reports or new products that are available for purchase.

Recognizing the differences between these newsletters is an important step when writing your own newsletters or simply conveying information; however, if you need extra assistance, search online for programs that allow you to create all types of newsletters.

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