Getting YourCompany newsletters all stem for the same origin question- how do I sell more products? Think about your ideal customer, and design your newsletter to include items that he or she needs. If you design your newsletters with your customers in mind instead of focusing on your company’s interests, your subscribers will be sure to read them.

The best way to write for your customer is to get a mental image of who you are writing for. For instance, if your company sells sporting goods, you would most likely imagine that an athlete is your main customers. Try to imagine the age, demographic, and sex of your average client, and even go so far as finding a picture online of what you imagine they would look like. Keep looking over and over again at this picture while you are writing and pretend that you are having a conversation with the person. Imagine how he or she would talk and think, and answer questions he or she is likely to have about your products. Although this may sound somewhat ridiculous, it is a proven method for success.

Picturing your customers is very simple when you have a specific person as a reference. Remember that the purpose of your newsletters are to meet your customers needs, so having a specific person’s needs in mind makes it much easier to write. Having one person in mind allows you to give more detailed answers to possible questions. Imagine having a conversation with your online picture and write as if you are having a conversation with that person. These conversations become your newsletter articles and are more interesting than simply telling your customers information in long paragraphs. By writing for a target audience and giving your newsletter a different style of writing, you can ensure that your newsletter will be read by your subscribers from cover to cover.

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