Successful CustomerConsistency is the most important part of a newsletter. If you want to have a great newsletter, they must show up like clockwork on the same day every month or week and never be late. It is important to understand that each newsletter should be filled with useful information and coupons, but being consistent trumps everything else, from the layout and color scheme to the quality of your content. One of the most common and worst mistakes in the newsletter business is inconsistency. Inconsistent newsletters become junk mail that no one wants to read and no one ever pays attention to.

In order to build a trusting relationship with your customers, your newsletters must be consistent. Knowing they can trust your newsletter to be on time goes leaps and bounds and does wonders for your business. You want your newsletter to be looked forward to, just like monthly magazines, and not received sporadically like other mail is.

It is usually recommended that your newsletter be monthly, rather than weekly or bimonthly because a monthly newsletter has been shown to build a stronger company-customer bond than other schedules. If your newsletters are published too often, your readers feel bombarded with information, while printing them less often causes your business to fade from your customer’s mind.

Not only must your newsletter be sent the same time every month, they must be published every month. This allows you to get into the habit of making, writing, editing, and publishing the newsletter every month. Once you get into a rhythm, you will always be looking for good information and pictures and each time it will be quicker and easier to compose your newsletter. This is also good for customer support, since it will get your customers used to receiving information from you every month and will start to look forward to reading it.

Newsletters are also great to alert customers in advance of upcoming sales and special promotions. By the time your promotion actually arrives, your customers will be looking for it in their newsletters and this will increase the success of your promotion. Also, you can hand out your newsletters as flyers, telling people on the street about your great offers.

As stated before, consistency will always be the most important characteristic of your company newsletter. If you can remain consistent, you will build up a strong relationship with your customers that will increase business and bring new customers into your store.

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