Your customer should expect to receive his or her informative newsletter on a monthly basis. Consistency is more important than the size of the newsletter or its overall aesthetic appeal.

Consistency is a neglected aspect of newsletter writing many of their authors fail to achieve.  Without consistency you can’t have a successful newsletter and they just get buried in your customer’s electronic mailbox or deleted.

Frequency and consistency are essential to building trust and relationships. Those key ingredients turn into business success and a long-term competitive edge.

A way to think about the importance of consistency is to compare it to magazine publications and junk mail.  Magazines arrive on a consistent monthly basis while all junk mail arrives sporadically.  It’s not hard to see what group you want your newsletter to be lumped with.

Perceived higher value is strongly correlated to newsletters that are published on a monthly basis. This enables your customers to trust your publication and look forward to receiving them.  You must be careful though!  Publishing too frequently could have just as a detrimental effect as publishing sporadically because your customers will think that you are just marketing to them rather than helping them.

A healthy and productive work environment develops when you publish your newsletter on a monthly basis.  Your team will know the rhythm and folkways of the work day if you establish clear consistency in the publication of your newsletter.  Your teammates will know what needs to be done at specific deadlines in order to keep your customers satisfied.

Consistency will formulate into expectations for high quality publications.  Your customers will be able to count on hearing from you and reading your informative, palatable, and witty newsletter.

Your regular schedule will benefit your other marketing efforts as well. If you have a special sales promotion planned, you can alert people in the newsletter for two months prior to the event. Your promotions will be spearheaded by your newsletter when promotion time arrives.  Your newsletters could also serve as flyers for your promotion.

Consistency is the most vital aspect of successful company newsletters. Send them on a predictable timetable. Sending your newsletters on a consistent monthly basis allows you to build better customer relations and solidify and expand your customer base.

Jim Palmer is known internationally as ‘The Newsletter Guru’ – the go-to resource for smart, effective strategies that maximize the profitability of customer relationships. Jim is also the author of The Magic of Newsletter Marketing – The Secret to More Profits and Customers for Life. Get a free newsletter template at

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