Specialty NewslettersGot a hobby? Want to make money of it? Specialty newsletters can make this possible. No matter what your hobby is, there is always going to be someone else that is interested in the same thing. With a newsletter, you can reach those individuals- and make a profit at the same time.

So where do you start? First, pick a subject. Then start writing. The hardest part is finding the right audience to distribute your newsletter too. Do some research and find some sites that share the same focus as your newsletter. Start mailing your newsletter to these people to start getting out word of mouth. You can also place ads in local magazines or newspapers to reach an even bigger audience.

Your newsletter will not cost you much either. Generally, you will spend no more than 20 cents to mail out each issue. In turn, you can also charge people anywhere up to $50 for a depending on the subscription they choose.

As long as you manage your newsletter well, you will begin to see a reasonable amount of money come in. Your newsletter could potentially end up making you a lot of money.

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