Simple TipsSo you have been running a successful newsletters campaign to your list of loyal subscribers. But suddenly, slowly, it starts to get boring, and your subscribers no longer seem to be as responsive as they were. This is an emergency! Just like fading love in marriages – just kidding about that part – you can spice up your newsletters and make it interesting again! Follow these few simple tips on how to make your newsletters much more interesting.

The first tip is to make your newsletters a two way communication thing. Make it interactive, interact with your subscribers, ask for their feedback or anything. Subscribers always love to give feedback, you will be surprised how much response you will get if you only ask. This is evident with many newsletters. For example, my friend Mike had never tried it before, but once he did, he was surprised he received reply from 36% of his subscribers in the first 24 hours. And that is quite a handful.

To make things more interesting with your newsletters, run a contest once in a while. Your subscribers will appreciate you even more, and it is basically a way of you to give back to them for being such loyal readers to your newsletters. Contests are a great fire starter to get your subscribers all excited again with your newsletters. Have weekly winners, or monthly winners, it is up to you. The more often the more you pull them – but remember to stay on your budget!

Polls and surveys are another way to get your subscribers engaged to your newsletters again. Like aforementioned, customers love it when business owners take the effort to cater to them, follow what they say and make a change for existing customers. It shows you really appreciate them through your newsletters.

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