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metrics which with you can perform an honest              Nutrition
appraisal of their overall performance.
                                                          Getting healthy
Before termination, explore your options                  Healthy habits result in a healthier you, and there are
When an employee causes problems in your                  many ways of taking better charge of our health
workplace, your first instinct might be to terminate      including quitting smoking, exercising more often,
him or her as quickly as possible. But hiring and         and making healthier choices in relation to food.
training a replacement takes time and effort that you
could invest in more worthwhile tasks. Try salvaging      One good tip is to cut out, or at least decrease, the
the situation first with this advice:                     number of drinks you consume that contain sugar.
                                                          Cutting out sugar drinks altogether can result in
• Check your attitude. Have you accidentally              weight loss of as much as fifteen pounds in twelve
slipped into an adversarial “me vs. you” role? If         months, and losing body weight can also help to
you’re insisting that you’re right and the employee is    keep people free of disease who might be at risk of
wrong, you could be overlooking potential solutions.      developing Type 2 Diabetes. Beverages that contain
                                                          a lot of sugar include the likes of lemonade, soda,
• Look for a mismatch. Does the employee feel             sports and energy drinks, and a number of flavored
unsuited to his or her job, or wrong for your             water drinks.
organization? If you don’t ask, you’ll waste time
trying to solve the wrong problem. Find out if the        Fruits or vegetables should be consumed at least
employee might feel more comfortable and perform          five times a day along with at least an hour of
better in a different position—or if he or she is         physical activity. Less than ten percent of the
completely unhappy working for your organization.         calories we consume should come from the likes of
                                                          saturated fats and added sugars.
• Dig at the roots. Don’t focus strictly on the here
and now. Look at past behaviors and the history of        Increase Your ‘tech’ IQ
the problem over time. Has a similar situation arisen
before? What did people do about it? Does the             Get More From Your Android Device
employee have a history of being difficult, or is this a  An Android device is a very powerful computer, and
recent change in behavior?                                there are many ways that most people could get
                                                          more out of such devices than they probably realize.
• Consider the domino effect. Think about how
other employees will view your actions. People will       Android devices offer advanced functionality in
be watching how you handle the situation. If they         regards to manipulating and managing files, and
think you’re not being fair, they’ll remember it.         enables you to do all sorts of things familiar to a
                                                          standard PC such as having files dragged and
• Look at the employee’s resources. Does the              dropped between a smartphone and a computer to
employee have all the tools and training needed to        assessing the contents of a USB drive by plugging it
do the job? If not, frustration can turn a formerly       directly into the device.
enthusiastic worker into a difficult one. Talk to the
employee, and to others who work in similar jobs.         Many people do not realize that they can actually
The employee may not be aware of all the resources        use their Android device as an external hard drive.
available.                                                Just plug it into your computer – Windows, anyway –
                                                          and it will be seen as an external drive, enabling you
Beyond money: Try these rewards                           to browse all folders and manipulate files as desired.
You know that money isn’t the only tool for
motivating employees. But what noncash motivators         You can also use a free app known as Pushbullet to
work? A recent survey by the consulting group             move files between your Android device and your
McKinsey identified three rewards that are just as        computer wirelessly, even if they are on different
influential as, or even more important than, money:       networks and miles away from one another. Android
                                                          devices can also access your computer files
• Praise from one’s immediate supervisor.                 remotely if you install the Chrome Remote Desktop
                                                          app, which is free from Google, and the companion
• Personal attention from leaders.                        extension for the Chrome browser.

• Opportunities to lead project teams or task forces.
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