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Prepare for advancement                                 Work/Life Balance
If you’re an ambitious, talented worker, you probably
hope to rise to the top of your organization someday.   Change Your Life
Here’s how to prepare for advancement:                  Achieving a healthy balance between work and life
                                                        sounds easy enough, but it can be easier said than
• Don’t rush things. Let people know you have           done for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. Getting
goals, but don’t be arrogant. If you walk into a new    an idea to come to life involves spending countless
job expecting to run the company in six months,         amounts of time and energy investing in that idea,
you’ll alienate the people whose support you need to    and can become all-consuming to the expense of
move up. Take time to learn your job and upper          everything else. Fortunately, there are some pieces
management’s expectations.                              of advice you can take that can help to keep things in
                                                        perspective and ensure a degree of work/life balance
• Pick a good mentor. You’ll need inside information    is still maintained.
on how to survive and rise in your organization and
industry. Identify someone with the skills and          One such piece of advice is to never let yourself be
knowledge you’ll need to move up the ladder—            defined by your business. Entrepreneurs are often
maybe someone already in the position you want to       beset with fears of failure, but it is important to
work toward, or close to it. Listen to your mentor’s    realize that you can have failures, as well as
advice and respect it.                                  successes, and that your friends and family define
                                                        you just as much – if not more – as your business.
• Study your bosses. You may not be eligible for
promotion immediately, but now is the best time to      It is also a good idea to make sure you have
find out what sort of person rises to the top of your   conversations with people, including your partner,
organization and industry. Do leaders have a            about something other than work. Regardless of the
predominantly financial background, for example, or     nature of the conversation, it is vital to stop thinking
do they tend to come from somewhere else?               about work all the time, if only for the sake of your –
Learning about these kinds of issues will help you      and your partner’s – sanity!
decide what assignments to pursue and what you
need to learn.                                          Management Tips

Don’t be afraid to ask for help                         Carrying out performance appraisals
Many people avoid asking for advice from fear of        appropriately
being seen as ignorant or incompetent. But soliciting   Performance appraisals can be a difficult time for
guidance from others can show that you’re open to       management and staff members alike. It can be
new ideas and focused on success. Here’s how to         tough for managers to stay motivated throughout the
ask for help and look good doing it:                    performance appraisal process, and the appraisal
                                                        itself can be difficult when it comes to offering an
• Be sure you really need help it. Don’t interrupt a    opinion on the abilities and performance of an
colleague for something you can figure out on your      employee.
own with a little more time and effort. Save requests
for problems that are truly difficult to solve.         Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to be
                                                        honest. Document the performance ups and downs
• Ask the right person. Identify the person who can     of an employee across the entire time period from
really help you. You’ll irritate your co-workers by     the previous appraisal (or their arrival at the
asking for help on something that’s outside their area  company) to the current one in order to have a more
of expertise.                                           accurate view of an employee’s performance, rather
                                                        than just basing the whole appraisal on one or two
• Be direct. Don’t beat around the bush when you        recent events (good or bad).
need assistance. If you don’t know the person,
introduce yourself and explain why you think he or      It is also important to have objective criteria set that
she is best person to help you out. Most people are     all employees are expected to meet, tailored to
happy to lend a hand, and they’ll feel flattered that   desired outcomes and experience. Setting goals that
you think highly of their skills.                       are unrealistic and simply unachievable will only
                                                        dishearten employees, but realistic goals will
                                                        encourage better performance and provide clearer
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