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April Fools’ Day, Apr. 1. Play a joke on a friend—     One good tip is to try to make your work environment
and be a good sport when someone does the same         as harmonious as possible. Place photos on your
to you.                                                desk of your family members and friends. It is also a
                                                       good idea to think about opportunities for personal
New Beer’s Day, Apr. 7. Unofficial holiday             growth and professional development you may have.
celebrating the end of Prohibition in 1933.
                                                       Make sure you take some time out occasionally and
National Library Workers Day, Apr. 12. A day for       have at least a fifteen minute break every day.
library staff, users, administrators and friends to    Another good idea is to get up earlier so that you do
recognize the valuable contributions made by all       not have to rush and can be better organized in the
library workers.                                       morning. However, you still need to get enough
                                                       sleep and look after yourself by eating healthy.
National Golf Day, Apr. 18. Celebrate spring by
playing 18 holes with a few friends.                   Try this uncommon career advice
                                                       Read enough self-help books, and you’ll run across
Arbor Day, Apr. 29. Another springtime rite. Plant a   a lot of the same repetitive career advice: Work hard,
tree and show that you care for the environment        be helpful, go the extra mile. If you’re already doing
                                                       this, and want to add oomph into your career,
April Facts                                            consider this advice from the Fast Track Promotion
Savannah Music Festival and Vive Latino
The Savannah Music Festival, which takes place in      • Develop your emotional maturity. Focus on
Georgia, actually begins on the 24th of March, but     staying calm no matter what happens at work. Treat
carries through all the way to the 9th of April. The   everyone with respect. Learn to choose your words
festival is the biggest in Georgia and of the world’s  carefully—and more important, recognize when it’s
most unique music events for its cross-genre focus.    best not to speak at all.
This year’s acts include the likes of the Aaron Diehl
Trio, Brianna Thomas Quartet, Darrell Scott, Dwight    • Negotiate in good faith. Find out what the other
Yoakam, and The Stringband Spectacular 2016.           person wants, and work toward a mutually satisfying
                                                       agreement instead of one with winners and losers. In
Vive Latino takes place in Mexico City, in Mexico,     other words, seek solutions, not victories. Negotiate
from the 23rd to the 24th of April 2016. The festival  as if you’re both on the same side.
has been running for 17 years now, and has evolved
from an exclusive focus on the music of Latin          • Shift your point of view. Support your
America to other regions and languages and has         organization’s goals, not your own. When you make
become one of the most significant and biggest         a decision, ask yourself whether it’s one your
music festivals of its ilk in the entire world. Latin  manager or CEO would make. If not, reconsider your
American artists new and old and legendary             priorities.
international bands perform in front of more than
70,000 music lovers with names having included the     • Provide real value. Instead of just doing your job,
likes of Nine Inch Nails, Foo Fighters, Desmond        find out how your work supports your organization’s
Dekker, and Fishbone.                                  objectives, and then give a little extra to help your it
                                                       thrive. Talk to your manager about what you’ve done
A Few Work Tips                                        and what you can do to add to the organization’s
Coping With Returning to Work
Going back to work after a few weeks or days away      • Listen to feedback. Praise is fun to receive, but
can be difficult and result in people being under      often we learn most from criticism. Make a point of
stress and in a bad mood. Lethargy and lack of         listening to and considering other people’s points of
motivation are common factors upon returning to        view, and incorporating their feedback into your
work, but there are ways to get rid of the “back to    performance. You’ll show that you’re a team player
work blues” quickly.                                   committed to improvement.
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