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Quotes of the month                                        that you can and will change the way you make
                                                           financial decisions? If so, it’s time to start.
God made the integers; all the rest is the work of
Man.                                                       Month of the Military Child. More than 2 million
—Leopold Kronecker                                         children in grades K-12 have parents who are
                                                           serving in our military. Make a difference in the life of
They are simply numbers and cannot thus be right or        a military child by seeking out opportunities to
wrong.                                                     acknowledge their sacrifice, volunteering for
—Neil Gaiman                                               organizations that support them, and recognizing
Healing is a biological process, not an art. It is as      their contribution to the nation.
much a function of the living organism as respiration,
digestion, circulation, excretion, cell proliferation, or  National Autism Awareness Month. A nationwide
nerve activity.                                            effort to promote autism awareness, inclusion, and
—Herbert M. Shelton                                        self-determination for all and to ensure that each
                                                           person on the autism spectrum is provided the
Health is the natural condition. When sickness             opportunity to achieve the highest possible quality of
occurs, it is a sign that nature has gone off course       life.
because of a physical or mental imbalance.
—Jostein Gaarder                                           National Garden Month. Gardening grows fun for
                                                           the whole family. Whether you’re digging in the dirt,
We’re our own dragons as well as our own heroes,           enjoying the magic of a small seed transforming into
and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.            a beautiful flower, or observing the bugs, birds, and
—Tom Robbins                                               butterflies, gardening is a delightful way to celebrate
                                                           the coming of spring.
Safety’s just danger out of place.
—Harry Connick Jr.                                         National Robotics Week, Apr. 2-10. The purpose of
                                                           National Robotics Week is to celebrate the United
Happiness is the real sense of fulfillment that comes      States as a leader in robotics technology
from hard work.                                            development, educate the public about how robotics
—Joseph Barbara                                            technology impacts society, and advocate for
                                                           increased funding for robotics technology research
Talent means nothing, while experience, acquired in        and development.
humility and with hard work, means everything.
—Patrick Suskind                                           Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week, Apr.
                                                           10-16. This week recognizes the hardworking men
To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard       and women who risk their lives and devote huge
old problems from a new angle, requires creative           amounts of personal time and resources while
imagination and marks real advance in science.             serving the public and helping animals when no one
—Albert Einstein                                           else can.

Reason, observation, and experience: the holy trinity      National Environmental Education Week, Apr. 17-
of science.                                                23. The nation’s largest celebration of environmental
—Robert Green Ingersoll                                    education, EE Week reaches hundreds of thousands
                                                           of students and educators across the United States
Creative confidence is about believing in your ability     with non-biased, high-quality, environmental
to create change in the world around you.                  education materials grounded in accurate, timely
—Tom and David Kelley                                      scientific information and tied to local, state, and
                                                           national learning standards.
See if These Items Are on Your Calendar!
                                                           National Pet ID Week, Apr. 17-23. Collars and tags
Financial Literacy Month. With taxes due, this may         are a reliable way to identify your pets should they
be a good time to learn more about good financial          become lost. Make sure your dog, cat, or other
practices. Are you ready to accept responsibility for      animal friend always wears a current identification
changing your financial situation? Do you believe          tag. Pet supply catalogs, stores, veterinary offices,
                                                           and animal shelters often have forms to order ID
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