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Profit Explosion                                              Yes, you need skill, talent, and work ethic but you need
Decide to Go Further	                                         more. In looking at it another way: Your skill and talent
                                                              serve as the machine, and your mindset is the fuel that
There are undeniably many components of success, and          drives it. You can’t have one without the other. The
you already possess some of them or you wouldn’t have         greatest level of skill and talent will just sit there if there’s
ventured (or are seriously thinking of venturing) into        no fuel… no motivation or mindset. On the other hand, all
creating your own business.                                   the most positive mindset in the world can go nowhere
                                                              unless it is supported by the ability to serve a need
There are plenty of people who complain about the grind,      profitably and get things done.
about working for someone else, or corporate America.
Since you’re reading, I know you are a person who has         Client Retention Tips for Small Businesses
done more than complain. You decided to employ your
skills, talents, and work ethic to create your Dream          You make a sale
Business and your dream lifestyle.                            and get a new
                                                              customer – that
You know you have a skill and talent that can fill a need     has got to be
and a niche, so why shouldn’t you be your own boss            good right? But
putting those assets to work for yourself rather than rather  do you know
than putting profit into someone else’s pocket? You know      what is even
the effort it takes to launch a business, but you also know   better? It is when
you have the personal work ethic you need.                    they come back the second, third and fourth time around
                                                              to do business with you again.
Those three things – skill, talent, and work ethic – are
definitely components of success. But I have some bad         But, there is an art to getting your clients to continue with
news: those three things will only carry you so far. There    your service – and this is why you need to ramp up your
are countless entrepreneurs who employed those three          client retention techniques. As a small business owner,
components but still ended up with failing businesses.        there are many things that you can do to improve client
People who were extremely talented, had the right skill       retention and have them return to you again and again
set, and worked incredible hours but who learned the hard     and again. Here are some of them:
way that those weren’t enough to create success.
                                                              Keep your customer service top notch. Did you know
Or they’re now working ridiculous hours, barely eking out     that more than half of all consumers are willing to pay
any profit, and are far from running their Dream              more money for better customer service? True, customer
Businesses and living their dream lifestyles. In fact, their  service will always make or break your business. Always
dreams have become nightmares because their                   seek to provide stellar service because this will benefit you
businesses have become anchors, preventing them from          in the long run and will encourage your clients to choose
having the time to do what they want or derive any            you over cheaper alternatives.
enjoyment from running their businesses.
                                                              Admit mistakes and address issues immediately. A
                                                              study shows that 84% of customers will tell their friends
                                                              (and even blog about) a negative experience with a
                                                              certain business. Imagine how many potential customers
                                                              you can lose if this happens to you. The key is to admit
                                                              the mistake and address the complaint as soon as
                                                              possible – and your client will most likely remain loyal and
                                                              tell their friends about the service.
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