Retain CustomersDeveloping an email newsletter is a fun and creative effort; it takes time, but it’s an invaluable investment for the success of your business and a productive relationship with your customers. Consider the following ideas to put together a marvelous newsletter that will effectively emphasize the value your organization or business can bring to your readers.

First and foremost, quality content is essential. Always try to complement your promotional materials with other informative, useful, or entertaining content. For example, if there’s a particular health condition your product addresses, include a helpful article about that condition, or cite some relevant statistics about it. Or if your business offers travel services to the Caribbean and you had a memorable vacation in Jamaica last summer, share it with your readers. Invite your readers to share their opinions and experiences for your newsletter as well; this will make them feel more involved and appreciated by your business.

Give your readers something to anticipate in the next issue. Let them know about upcoming discounts or promotions, or consider including a fun ongoing narrative over several issues. Invite them to vote on interesting polls on your website, and mention that the results will be included in the next issue of your newsletter.

Another idea is to introduce your staff to your readers by featuring one member in each issue. Then your employees can contribute short bios and share with your audience their hobbies, interests, favorite movie, and other quirky, fun facts about themselves. Then your subscribers will discern that your business is run by dedicated and energetic people to whom they can relate on some level or another. When you’ve introduced everyone on your staff, you can ask your subscribers if they would like to be featured on your newsletter. It’s a great way to highlight that your business values its customers and consistently aims to get to know them better.

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