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Service Agreement

By completing the form below, I hereby authorize Custom Newsletters, Inc., the parent company of No Hassle Newsletters, to process my registration online for an Annual membership in the Platinum program. My credit card will be charged in the amount of $2,374.00.

My annual membership (which will begin as soon as I complete my online registration) will be active for 18 months (12 months PLUS 6 months free), and then a renewal in the amount of $2,374.00 for an additional 18 months of membership will automatically be processed on my credit card.  These automatic renewals will continue for as long as I choose to maintain my membership.

If I have any questions, or if at the end of 18 months I do NOT wish to renew, I will contact Custom Newsletters, Inc. using the contact information supplied here.

Again, this payment agreement will be in effect until services have been completed or are ended by my request either verbally or in writing.

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