“Send your customers and prospects a monthly printed newsletter”, they say.

(Okay, by “they” I mean “I”.)

Now you’re thinking, that’s a lot of work.

You have to:

  • Hire a layout designer with some pizazz in the digits to create an attractive design
  • Write enough content to fill 2 or 4 pages
  • Work with a print shop and go back-and-forth on proofs
  • Then make edits as necessary after seeing the proofs
  • Get the printed newsletters sent to a company that will mail them (or have them shipped to you so you and your staff do it)
  • Put stamps on them
  • Go to the post office and make sure they get to the Outbox


Stick to e-mail, right?

Actually, With Your No Hassle Newsletter, All That Just Ended.

Imagine hiring me and my team to do your newsletter right now.

Here’s what the process looks like for you:

  • Join No Hassle Newsletters
  • Send us your logo and show us your website so we can design your branded masthead for you
  • Our team of writers fills your newsletter with Customer-Loving™ content your readers will love
  • If you want to lead with a personal note article, we’ll write that for you
  • We do ALL the layout work, and it will be top-quality every time because we have a PROVEN system we’ve been using for 15 years
  • Send us a spreadsheet with the people you want to mail it to
  • We will print it for you, leveraging bulk discounts we get by sending our print shop tons of business monthly
  • We’ll mail it for you, too, at bulk postage rates and our ability to leverage doing single mailings of thousands of newsletters at once
  • After we let you know the newsletter’s out, just wait while your own copy quickly shows up in the mail, and your aunt with a different last name whose address you threw in to “make sure” it goes out, gets her copy too
  • If you want some copies to put in your lounge or waiting room, those will be there in a jiffy

What do you do after the “Month One” activities of letting us know what you want in your newsletter and sending us your logo and mailing list?

You send us an updated mailing list now and then to capture people coming and going, using the Excel template we give you so it slides seamlessly into our bulk-mailing equipment.

With All That Repeat And Referral Business Headed Your Way, Good Thing You Hardly Have To Do A Thing!

While you’re attending to your new customers and making more and bigger deals, your newsletter will go out like a clock.

Click here and see for yourself how things happen so fast it will make your head spin.

Oh, and if you actually have the design and mailing process nailed down and can do it yourself, but coming up with good content is your only challenge, we have an option for you that just gives you that one thing.

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