Pros andWell-designed newsletter templates are at the core of any good newsletter. But how can you find a template that best suits your company? This is where free newsletter templates come into play.

Newsletter templates are readily available online where they can be accessed, downloaded and easily uploaded. So what are some of the benefits and disadvantages of newsletter templates that can be found free online?

One criticism of newsletter templates that can be downloaded for free is that they are full of viruses. Another criticism is that these newsletter templates are unoriginal. But that’s not necessarily the case. The newsletter templates may be plain, but in the cases of most newsletters, simple is better.

These newsletter templates are also criticized on the basis of quality. People say these newsletter templates are full of mistakes, but the people that design paid templates could just as easily make the same mistakes. No matter the case, professionals are behind both paid and free newsletter templates. It’s important to remember that quantity doesn’t always mean quality. Just because you are paying more, that doesn’t mean you are necessarily getting more bang for your buck.

No matter what- whether you opt for paid or free newsletter templates- there are going to advantages and disadvantages to both. In the end, the price has nothing to do with it. It all boils down to the credibility of the site you are downloading the newsletter templates from.

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