Printing NewslettersA newsletter can be printed or delivered electronically through email or accessed through social networking sites. However, generally print newsletters are preferred. Why? People like something they can hold onto. An electronic newsletter can be accessed online, but a print newsletter can be held. The fact that you can touch it seems to give it more credibility.

If this is the case though, why are print newspapers taking a backseat to online news stories? What makes one medium different than the other?

For starters, publishing a newspaper is actually cheaper than it would be to print a newsletter. Not only that, but newspapers allow more room for content than a newsletter might.

The downside of a newsletter is that space is limited. You want to keep your newsletter short and to the point so you don’t lose your clients attention. A newspaper, however, gives you more room to get your point across. You can put more into it. Generally, where length is concerned, a newsletter should just be four pages long.

Printing a newsletter can be costly. For example, to print 5000 newsletters, the cost can go up to $1600. With newspapers, however, the maximum price is a little under $1000.

Take all this into consideration before you decide whether or not it matters that your clients have something to hold onto. An email newsletter could save you more money than a print newsletter- and a newspaper could save you even more.

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