Customer ResponseThe logic behind producing a monthly newsletter is that your company wants to build a stronger relationship with its existing customers and potential customers. A good relationship is the key to getting your customers to keep coming back for more. Your newsletters will be crucial to building this rapport, and if you are able to convey your personality through your newsletters, they will surely be a success. When writing, make sure that your word choices reflect a common way of talking and thinking. If your personality shines through your newsletter, your readers will value it much more and will be sure to read it from cover to cover.

When writing, speak directly to your readers and refer to yourself in the first person. Use the word “you” regularly to give the feeling that you are talking directly to your customers. By speaking directly to your customers, you create a stronger bond with your customer.

Another method to writing articles for your newsletter is to write it in the form of a conversation, such as a question and answer interview. This allows the customer to find the questions and answers that pertains to them and creates a spark of interest. The more in-depth and useful the information is, the more interest you will generate among your subscribers. By making the questions seem like real questions that people would ask, the information becomes more important and accessible.

When creating your company newsletter, keep in mind how important it is that your personality shines through. The more connected the reader feels to you, the more connected they feel to your company and its products or services. Try writing Q&A articles by interviewing co-workers, or even go out on the street and ask everyday people what their questions on the topic are. The more time you invest in creating a relationship, the more your business will benefit.

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