From time to time, people I speak with about No Hassle Newsletters say it’s not worth it to send a printed customer newsletter, because nobody checks their mail.

Not so.

Let Me Count The Ways…

Maybe they don’t check their mail every day, since they have a lot of stuff on automatic payment so they don’t need to see their bills to actually pay them.

But they do empty out their mailbox, and something juts out from that handful of #10 envelopes.

If they ordered something to be sent to them, or Aunt Janice told them she just mailed them a birthday gift of the monetary variety, you damn right they’ll be checking that mail on the daily until they get what they’re waiting for.

Oh, and:

They DO Have To Check Their Mail Sometimes.

Otherwise, their mailbox will literally overflow.

They won’t allow a mess on the curb.

Their mail carrier will stop delivering their mail until they empty their mailbox, whether Aunt Janice sent a check or not.

The place they have their business mail forwarded to will call them up and tell them to get their butt down there and pick up their mail after a while.

Point being, one way or another, they’ll get your newsletter.

Now, here’s the other objection:

“My Customers Are All On E-Mail And Social Media!”

Well, there’s an answer to that, too.

Just have us send you a PDF of your newsletter.

Now, you can:

  • E-mail your list with a link to download your newsletter (or the newsletter attached, the file size won’t be that big)
  • Add a download link for your PDF newsletter to your website
  • Post a link to social media telling your audience to visit your website and read your newsletter
  • Take snippets from your newsletter and use them as blog posts, social media posts, and more

Hey, I’m a problem solver.

Here Are More Ways To Put Your Printed Customer Newsletter To Work For You…

When we print and mail your newsletter for you, have us send some to your office.

Put them in your lobby or waiting room.

Somehow they become very interesting to a captive audience (funny how that works), and your customers and patients have a funny way of “accidentally” taking your newsletter home with them, especially if something about our Customer-Loving™ content caught their eye.

If you’re shipping goods to customers, put a copy of your newsletter in the box so it’s the first thing they see when they open it to get what you shipped them.

Heck, when you send someone a check, wrap that check inside your newsletter and slide it into the envelope – added security and all.

If they know you’re sending a check, they’ll suddenly find themselves checking their mail the same way Aunt Janice’s $50 birthday check will stir your interest (every little bit helps, yes?)

This one click gets that all rolling for you.

Is it worth it to open these marketing floodgates that get you more repeat and referral business?

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