You want your newsletter to help you get more new customers — and help existing customers refer new business your way.

Good, informative articles give your newsletter what marketing pros call “pass-along value.”

Since your customers value your products or services, they’d like to tell other people about them,

But most of them just don’t know how.

Your newsletter solves this problem.

When a customer passes along one of your newsletters to a friend or colleague, two wonderful things happen.

First, you get a referral.

Referrals are great for you because people believe and trust their friends and business colleagues more than they believe any marketing message.

Second, your customer doesn’t just hand over the newsletter.

He or she usually points to a specific article or information item and says,

“You should look at this. I do business with this people.”

Now your newsletter is in the hands of a prospect, and it’s more than a marketing piece.

It’s been customized by the referral to tell your prospect about a specific product or service.

No wonder friendly “pass-along” is one of the best ways your newsletter can help you get new customers.

Remember, no one can celebrate your business and your success like you.

At the same time, it won’t have nearly as much impact unless OTHER PEOPLE celebrate your business and your success.

That’s where your newsletter comes in.

Your newsletter can be on its way to your prospects and customers as soon as one week from today, when you start now.

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