Great customer newsletters are filled with things that customers want to read.

Most customers want to read articles and stories that are interesting and informative.

Sure, some articles will obviously have to do with your company, products, and services.

But there is a limit to how much your newsletter should be about your company, or you risk turning it into another sales/marketing piece – and that’s not the goal of a newsletter.

If customers perceive your newsletter as just another marketing piece, they will set it aside “to get back to never”.

I recommend you maintain a 50/50 ratio.

That means:

  • 50 percent of your newsletter focused on your business, products, and services (I call this “work stuff”)
  • 50 percent on the “other stuff”

The “other stuff” consists of articles and stories that are fun, interesting, and informative, and typically have nothing to do with your business.

I’ll give you a big clue – while the “other stuff” has nothing to do with your company, it is the real secret to the success of many customer newsletters.

It is what your customers enjoy reading, and as such, they keep reading your newsletter.

That builds top-of-mind awareness for you and your company.

You may be asking, “Jim, what do you mean by the ‘other stuff’?”

I am talking about short, interesting, and informative articles, factoids, tips, cartoons, humor, and sometimes even puzzles.

The secret is, this is what your customers enjoy reading, no matter what business you’re in.

This is what they look forward to, what brings a smile to their faces.

With No Hassle Newsletters, you get 24 pages of great content, full of the “other stuff” you need, so you never have to scrounge.

Whether you design your own newsletter – or we do it for you – having great content becomes the least of your worries.

Because that’s the #1 thing stopping more Dream Business Entrepreneurs from publishing a monthly customer newsletter, we’ve got you covered.

Now’s the time!

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