One of the most common objections I hear about No Hassle Newsletters goes something like this:

“Jim, I know your product is great. I love how we get over 20 pages of content every month, and you even have custom newsletters for specific industries and niches on your website. I even notice you do newsletters for businesses like mine.

All well and good.

But that’s the same content everyone else uses. Why would I use standard content?  How does that help me stand out?”

Okay, I see the point.

It is the case that our Success Advantage Content (20+ fresh pages of unique content created EVERY MONTH, with archives you can peruse and use) has been used by hundreds of businesses around the world, in nine countries so far – and to this day, we cover numerous companies, industries, and geographic areas.

We do have a heck of a lot of podiatrists and attorneys, as a result of some speaking engagements I did seven years ago where many of those customers have been here that long – and counting.

Yes, they do get “Done-For-You” content they don’t have to take time to write.

Yes, it’s in a standard template with their own custom business masthead on it.

Except for a front-page article the client may write themselves (or have us write for them), it’s stock content designed by my team of professional writers designing unique content for No Hassle Newsletters.

Uh, you got me.

I guess.


Now, Ask Yourself…

Even if you live in a small town, or even a rural area with a small town a few miles away like the place I lived before I bought the boat, how many of the businesses in your town are:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Podiatrists
  • Attorneys and Law Practices
  • HVAC Companies
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Boutique Gift Shops
  • Computer Repair Shops
  • Accountants and Tax Preparers
  • Financial Advisors
  • Realtors (I bet your community newspaper has ENTIRE PAGES of realtors with their pictures and cell phone numbers affiliated with just ONE of the many realtor companies that operate in your area!)

In that small town, I bet if you take a couple minutes and list them in your head, you come up with 15 or 20, easy.

Here’s the second question:

How Many Newsletters Do You Get From These Local Businesses?

I think I know the answer already – maybe one newsletter each time you check your mail.

Sometimes none.

The point is, if you’re a dentist in that town, and you’re thinking “my content won’t be unique” – that’s short-term thinking.

Fact is:

Our Newsletter Content IS Unique Because Your Actual Competitors Aren’t Using It!

Sure, we have numerous dentists in our client family.

The nearest one is probably, like, 200 miles from you.

And if one happens to be in your same town, chances are (based on me looking at my customer list even as I write this) that’s a big city where the average dentist practice carries clout in just one of many neighborhoods.

Let’s put it this way – in 15 years, not a single customer of mine has taken me up on my “exclusive market fee” available to newsletter marketers wanting to monopolize a geographic market!

“Hundreds of customers in 9 countries” leaves a LOT of towns (not to mention countries) that have yet to read this and realize they’re leaving money on the table and ignoring marketing space their competition isn’t even thinking about.

Do you really think your patients and prospective patients are getting newsletters from other dentists?

What Are You Waiting For?

What if the dentist down the street reads this before you?

Candidly, they probably won’t, and even if they do, they might not act on it.

They probably won’t act on it.

That space is wide open, so put your name in it right now.

A cavity here, a cleaning there, will WAY more than cover the low investment that doesn’t even require you do any real work.

Now imagine your patients actually getting reminded of the value, by reading the helpful tips in your newsletter, to come in every six months to get their pearlies whitened and let you catch cavities on the X-Ray while they’re in the cleaning chair.

How many more patients is THAT!

Knowing that No Hassle Newsletters are a powerful tool that get you ready-to-buy referrals, once you see how well it works for you, I want your referral.

So don’t refer the dentist down the street.

Refer your buddy from the Rotary, Kiwanis, or Chamber of Commerce meeting – you know, the HVAC guy who doesn’t drill teeth for a living, who HAS been telling everyone who will listen to have you fix their teeth while you’re telling them to let him fix their furnace.

I have a newsletter for him, too!

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