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Those were the days when newsletters were so genuine, you would only get free updates and quality information. Nowadays all you get is promotions, commercials, and sellers trying to sell to you whatever they have. It is no longer fun, and does not feel like newsletters anymore. The whole concept of newsletters is about sharing quality information with subscribers, giving everyone a good read and shedding light on a company or topic. Here are some things you should not do when writing newsletters.

Some people make the biggest mistake in newsletters when they set the auto responder to immediately try to sell to a subscriber. Once a subscriber opts in, they are immediately greeted by an e-mail, already asking them to buy, buy and buy. You should let the subscriber be familiar with you first, and slowly warm up to them. For example, would you like it if you meet a salesman, and before he even shakes your hand, introduce himself and sit down, he is already asking you to buy this and that? This applies the same when writing newsletters.

Instead, you should slowly warm up to you subscribers first. Build a strong relationship with them and let them know that you are genuine and have all the intentions to help them with your related niche. Use your newsletters to share with them important news and free quality information. Good newsletters would provide with information that subscribers could use and apply. Slowly and gradually talk about your services and products through your newsletters, and this way, your subscribers would be more susceptible into buying from you.

Once you are ready, mention and soft sell your product or services – but only do it once in a while! You would be surprised how powerful your newsletters could be if you know the right way on how to market your services and products.

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