Tips To WritingIt is safe to say that once you have collected subscribers to your newsletters, it is only the beginning. You need to run a successful campaign, and by successful it means that your subscribers actually open up to read your newsletters. There are ways to increase the read through rate of your newsletters, but here are three simple rules to try when writing your newsletters.

Rule #1: Use the most effective word in your subject lines

It is a proven fact that the most effective word in marketing is ‘free’. Use the word free, and you would see crazy surge of read through rates raising. However, you should only use the word sparingly, you do not want your subscribers to get bored of your ‘old trick’. And be sure to stay true, and offer something free in the newsletters that you use the word free in the subject lines. No one likes the feeling of being tricked, and this would lead to your subscribers  deleting your e-mails, or even worse, unsubscribe.

Rule #2: Be relevant

Try to stay as relevant as possible between your subject line and the content of your newsletters. There is nothing more annoying than being misled by a misleading title. Some people use the cheap trick of using eye catching headline, but when people click to open, the content of the newsletters have nothing to do with its titles. Stay relevant to keep your audience engaged.

Rule #3: Write ahead

Writing your newsletters early help you to stay consistent. Subscribers love consistent newsletters. If you write ahead of time, it gives you even more time to proof-read, or even add in what you can. For example, you could write ahead for an entire 3 weeks newsletters campaign.

These are among the few rules which would be able to help you come up with successful newsletters.

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