Your CampaignLet’s face it, when we all first started out with newsletters, we had high hopes and imagined that it would boost traffic and generate sales to our sites. But then soon after starting out our campaign, we realize that it is easier said than done! Click through rates are not as high as we expected, and it takes more than just simply writing to pull the attention of the customers.

Newsletters could definitely boost your traffic which leads to sales, if, and only if you know how to plan out your newsletter strategy well to captivate your readers!

1. Captivate Them with Interesting Writing!

The worst thing you could do is have a repetitive newsletters or just plain boring straight to the point writing. Use stories, inject in some humor, and use references to popular and current subjects that people can relate to. Use your personality into writing to get your subscribers warm to your style of writing. However, it all depends on your market. Test out different styles and see how they respond to it.

2. Consistency is the Key!

I am pretty sure you do not want to keep your subscribers hanging. If you only send them newsletters once in a while, or only when you want to promote a product, you can forget the thought of garnering them as your loyal subscribers. You need to be consistent, have a schedule, and stick to it.

3. Stun Them With Visuals!

People always are attracted to decent graphical images, and this works well with newsletters too. Ask yourself, would you prefer to receive plain, boring black and white newsletters with just text, or ones with attractive headers, graphics and color schemes?

It does not take much effort, as long as you know how to captivate your readers, you would have loyal subscribers in no time waiting for more!

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