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Newsletters are a great platform for you to reach out to your subscribers, and at the same time implement strategies such as pre-selling, convincing, soft-selling and so much more which would help to increase your sales conversion. Unfortunately, many internet marketers don’t really know how to properly and optimally utilize their newsletters, mostly throwing half-willed efforts. Here’s a very powerful strategy which uses the power of articles, called the “lazy men strategy”. This strategy shows effort and would definitely win the heart of your subscribers through your newsletters.

Articles are very powerful in the sense that it could be very informative, and it could captivate the attention of your subscribers – especially ones that are written very well. However, you are a lazy person, and you are using the “lazy men strategy”. All you have to do is browse through articles and choose ones that you like to include into your newsletters. No, you are not going to copy and paste, instead you are going to add your own touch to it. Do not claim the writing is yours in your newsletters to avoid plagiarism, and lose the trust of your subscribers.

Now here’s what you do. Begin your newsletters with the usual way on how you greet your subscribers. Next, and a very important step is to introduce the original author of the articles you are using. Describe lightly about the article, and a small summary, and then provide your subscribers with the article. Finally, give your thoughts, comments or inputs about the article. You could agree, you could provide with more tips, you could strengthen some facts. Review the information from the article.

This is called the lazy men strategy as you don’t have to write an article yourself, and you could grab points from an existing article. Try it out, and watch your subscribers of your newsletters be much more responsive.

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