Spy Work

There will come a time when you finally run out ideas for your newsletters. You feel uninspired and you do not know what to write any more. You have given almost all the basic information you could share and you are running out of ‘insider secrets’ to provide to your subscribers. This is the best time to do a little spy work to help spice up your newsletters. What you could do is to look at your competitors. Now, just reading this would make you feel like a newsletters espionage, huh?

Start by looking at your best competitors, those who are doing well in the niche. Once you have your eyes on a few, go ahead and subscribe into their newsletters. Now the spy work begins. You will start to receive newsletters from them, e-mail after e-mail. Study the content of their newsletters to grab as much idea as possible. Remember to never ever directly copy and paste and use their content as it is plagiarism, unethical, and downright low – if detected by subscribers be prepared to see your unsubscribe rate go off the roof.

Another not to do is to exactly re-write what your competitor had just written in their newsletters. You should do this ahead of time and scramble up the order of the newsletters. You do not want those in their list, and those who subscribe to your newsletters notice that you are actually re-writing and taking idea off your competitors. Another good way to mask your spy work is to add in points from a few different competitors to come up with the content of your newsletters.

Even better if you are able to give your own take or different spin based on their idea – which is much better and preferable. So go ahead on put on your spy hat, get some espionage game going on and get contents for your newsletters.

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