Simple Formula Gaining opt in and subscribers for your newsletters is one thing – but having loyal followers for your newsletters could be a daunting task. You have to remember one thing when you write your newsletters – what did you promise to your subscribers at your opt in page? I would bet my bottom dollar that 90% of you offer free information, free this, free that, but the point is you offered free ‘something’. What makes you think that your subscribers would be loyal to you if you dishonor your initial promise to them? So here’s a simple formula to increase loyalty to your newsletters.

This simple formula is implementing 20% selling and 80% quality content when writing your newsletters. Yes, the less you try to sell to your subscribers in your newsletters, the more you increase their loyalty, the more they follow you, the higher your sales conversion. By honoring your first promise itself – to provide them with quality information for free – you would see a whole new level of appreciation from your subscribers.

Every subscribers know that you are bound to sell at some point in your newsletters, they are not stupid. Everyone knows that everyone wants to make money, because after all, business is business – but when you have their loyalty through your newsletters, your subscribers are bound to buy from you. So by implementing the simple formula of 20% selling and 80% quality content in your newsletters, you are bound to be successful with your newsletters campaign.

Quality content refers to information which your subscribers could benefit from. However, you have to play smart – help them, but do not reveal the cream of the crop information from your product which would make them uninterested any longer. This simple formula would help you boost loyalty to your newsletters.

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