Quality EqualsMany business owners use newsletters for so many reasons. It has plenty of benefits, and one of the main reasons newsletters are sent out is to increase traffic – just like the olden days. Remember how companies used to send out flyers, brochures and newsletters in the mailbox? Well, those are in hopes to increase exposure which converts to traffic to the store. Newsletters help to build traffic as well, however there is one simple formula to ensure this. Quality information + free = traffic.

First, let’s talk about quality information. What defines quality information? When writing newsletters, it is important to have quality information to keep your subscribers wanting more. Quality information is any information which is considered to be helpful to your subscribers according to your niche, and it also considered to be somewhat exclusive and not generally known by everyone.

You do not want to share with them the obvious. You want to share with them something they do not know, or even if they do know, add in something additional which could help them. Tips, expert insights, scientific explanation and many more are examples of quality information. Your newsletters will help you gain traffic with this.

Well, free, is quite self explanatory. People sign up for newsletters are the first place is to get free information. So keep it that way. Do not try to sell all the time in your newsletters. Instead, you want to keep them teased with quality information, which could even be explained more in-depth at your website (hence the traffic generation) or in your products (this helps to generate sales).

So if you want to generate traffic from your newsletters, be sure to keep on offering your subscribers with free quality information, and keep them wanting more.

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