Leads To CustomersCome on, be honest with yourself, the main reason you started using newsletters to help you get more paying customers right? You may be informative, you may provide them with the best high quality information, but face facts, after they are done reading your newsletters, they would just ignore your business and will not even purchase any of your products. Well, try this approach: offer them something to encourage them to buy from you.

To get them to part with their money and give it to you, you need to offer them something through your newsletters which would motivate them to make them want to purchase from you. The simplest way to use this is by presenting them coupons. Offer them discounts through your newsletters which would make it hard for them to resist. Everyone love bargains, and most would not miss the chance to get a bargain.

Have you ever been presented a coupon, and made a purchase just because you have that coupon, when you originally did not have plan to purchase it? It works the same here. Coupons are considered to be ‘Holy Grails’ to getting high amount of sales in a short period of time. You can do this too by offering coupons through your newsletters. Admit it, you have fallen for the coupon trap over countless times in your entire life too right?

Here’s the catch: Offer them coupons only once in a while. Offering them all the time would take away the effectiveness – unless you are selling food. There are certain food establishments that uses coupon only as a gimmick – in which customers would fall for all the time. Psychologically, the human mind would always jump on a bargain. So go ahead, offer your subscribers coupons through your newsletters and see your sales skyrocket.

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