Your AudienceThe bottom line with any newsletter- no matter the business- is that you want to, and need to, keep your audience’s interests in mind at all times.

How do you go about doing this?

You need to get to know your audience. What do you think they’d want to read? What pulls them in? If you can get inside their head and put yourself in your customers’ shoes, the number of subscribers to your newsletters will soar.

You need to narrow in on what it is your subscribers are trying to accomplish. Provide them with the information that’s going to solve any problem they might have.

It’s also important to maintain a balance between promotions and information. Too much of one can hurt your readership- especially if your newsletter is all about sales promotions. You need to prove to your audience that you’re here to help- that you want to help. Ultimately, you need to get your readers to see that they’re more than just dollar bill signs to you. Give free information wherever you can. Encourage readers to check out other things you have to offer, but don’t bombard them- this will only lead them to pull away.

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