Unsubscribe RatesIf you are smart enough to track your newsletters and e-mail marketing campaigns, you should know the percentage of your newsletters unsubscribe rates. If more and more people are unsubscribing, you should not panic, instead you should take a breather and find a reason behind the increasing unsubscribe rates. Here are some few tips on how to decrease your newsletters unsubscribe rates.

One of the common reason subscribers unsubscribe to newsletters is common grammar mistakes and spelling errors. This is the reason why you should always, and never fail to proofread your e-mails before you sent out your newsletters. It is not only annoying, but having grammar mistakes and spelling errors on your newsletters is downright unprofessional. Who would ever take advise from someone who find it hard to write in proper sentences and spell well?

You should also check to see if the template that you are using for your newsletters is too huge in size, that it takes long for it to load. If it is, you might need to compress the images and layout to make it to a more appropriate size for e-mails, and slow internet users-friendly.

You should also stay away from advertising too much in your newsletters. It is annoying to receive promotions from time to time asking someone to buy this and buy that. Remember, the main purpose of newsletters is to provide quality information as well as build a bridge to connect you and your subscribers. Do not go overboard by trying to blatantly sell them over and over again.

Besides these tips, you should also experiment with other elements to see if it helps with the increasing unsubscribe rates. There is always a reason behind something, and you should find out what it is as soon as possible to save your newsletters from being a failure.

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