Your Subscribers Everyone knows how effective newsletters could be in an internet marketing campaign. From promotions to pre-selling, from generating traffic to producing hype, newsletters are one of the most strongest arsenals for internet marketers. However, as strong as it is, it is only deemed to be effective only if your subscribers actually open up and read your newsletters. Here are some few simple tips to adhere to in order to increase the percentage of your newsletters getting opened and read by your subscribers.

First of all, it is important to have a good and catchy subject line. The first thing that the subscribers see are the topics and subjects of the e-mail. Therefore, it should be interesting enough to capture their attention and to ‘demand’ them to open up the email to read. A good guideline for this is to use question arising subjects, or ones which would create the sense of curiosity. Curiosity always invites clicks.

Next, once you already get them clicking and opening up your newsletters, you need to continue to grab their attention to get them to read the entire e-mail. This is where the first and introductory paragraph plays an important role. Be sure to have a compelling start, one which would just demand for attention. If your first paragraph itself is already boring, than be prepared to have high bounce rates. Having an interesting first paragraph is just as important to capture your reader’s attention.

Believe it or not, with just these simple two tips, you would be able to increase the chances of your readers opening up to read your newsletters. It is a matter of having a strong topic or subject headline, and a compelling first paragraph, and you would not have problems with getting your newsletters read.

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