Gain ControlYou might have thousands of subscribers to your newsletters, but it just would not cut it if they are not responsive to you. The first step to get your subscribers to be responsive is to get them to open up your e-mails, and everyone knows that you need a powerful and appealing title in the subject line to do this. However, the next step is to get them to actually read your e-mails once they have opened it.

First of all, before your subscribers read the first paragraph of your newsletters, they would normally skim through the structure of your e-mail. Nobody likes to read badly structured e-mail, so keep some of these tips in mind when writing. First of all, try to keep paragraphs as short as possible, from 4 to 6 lines. Next, use easy to understand words and avoid using complicated terms and jargon. Finally, try to keep sentences as short as possible and easily understandable.

Once you get a nicely structured e-mail, focus to write a powerful introduction to your newsletters. The first few lines should be appealing enough to attract the attention of your readers to keep on reading. Write with style, as this helps to keep the lines interesting. Nobody likes to read words written by a ‘robot’, monotonous and not personable.

To gain control over your subscribers you need to train them. If you want them to click on links more often, you need to include in links more often in your newsletters. For example, constantly have them click on links for bonuses or to ‘know more’. Sooner or later, your subscribers would get used to your style.

The key to successful newsletters is to have your subscribers as responsive as possible. Follow these few simple tips to gain control of your subscribers and you should have a responsive list to your newsletters.

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