Lasting RelationshipIt is indeed a rapidly growing number of businesses and organizations that have started and continue to use online newsletters to communicate with their customers and effectively promote their products and services. If, as a business owner, you have decided to follow this trend you have definitely made an intelligent decision. Here are some tips to help you get started with email newsletters.

Go for an attractive and organized layout that accommodates a good balance between text, images, and advertisements. Use bold colors and interesting graphics to make your newsletters eye-catching, but be careful not to end up with something too flashy. Don’t forget to include a title and date with each issue, and your business contact information should also be visible and easy to find.

Take a moment to think about your writing style. How do you want to present yourself and your business to readers and customers? Depending on the nature of your organization or business, you may want the tone of your newsletters to be relaxed and conversational or, on the other hand, it may be appropriate to follow a more structured and formal style. Also, don’t forget to proofread your text before sending out your newsletters.

It’s always a good idea to send yourself a copy of your finished newsletter before circulating it to your readers. That way you can see what it will look like when your readers receive it in their inboxes and take note of any corrections and adjustments that need to be made for greater visual appeal.

The purpose of your newsletter should be deliver value to your readers rather than sell them a product or service. If you only include promotional material in your newsletters, readers will most likely unsubscribe. Instead, focus on their needs and interests and how these can be directly addressed by your products or services. Include content like interesting news articles, polls and surveys, “how to” advice, or humorous stories. Most importantly, let your readers know that through your newsletters they are interacting with people, not with a company; this will lay the groundwork for an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your customers.

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