Lines WritingIt is not mainly the content which would make or break your newsletters campaign. No matter how good the contents of your newsletters are, if your subject lines are not strong and effective, your campaign would deemed to be unsuccessful. This is due to the fact that your subscribers would only open and read your newsletters only if you have powerful subject lines. So here are three simple rules to hold to write the right subject lines.

Rule #1: Experimentation and testing

It is very important that you track your newsletters. There are numerous ways you could track your newsletters, however that is a whole different topic on itself. Without experimentation and testing, you would not know how effective your subject lines are in getting your subscribers to open up and read your newsletters. It would also give you an idea on how well your campaign is going, and if you get lower numbers you need to modify and tryout different styles of subject lines.

Rule #2: Don’t write your name, brand name or company name in your Subject Line

The space for your subject line is limited, probably around 50 characters for most. Do not waste the space by writing your name, your brand name or your company name. You could write those in the “from” line. Your subscribers would also know as they subscribed from you. Use the precious space to write effective subject lines.

Rule #3: Find Your Keyword

When sending out newsletters, find the keyword of each e-mail. They key words should be written into the subject line. This is important as your title has to be as relevant as possible to the content.

There are so many more ways to write the right subject lines effectively, but these are some that you should keep in mind when writing the subject lines of your newsletters.

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