UnsubscribingWhen you launch newsletters campaign, be sure to have it tracked. One of the most important stats to keep track of is the unsubscribe rates. It rarely happens for subscribers to unsubscribe, however in certain cases it happens anyway. So if your unsubscribe rate for your newsletters happens to be high, there must be something wrong with what you are currently doing. Follow these tips to help you reduce your unsubscribe rates.

When asked, most people unsubscribe from newsletters due to very bad read, terrible spelling errors and unforgiveable grammatical errors. This is why proofreading is very, very important. Be sure to proofread every time after you are done writing your newsletters. It is extremely annoying and unprofessional for newsletters to have bad reading articles, terrible spelling errors and juvenile grammatical errors. Try to check your previous newsletters and see if they contain any of these.

Another tip is to check out the layout of your newsletters. Are they too messy? Too crowded? If you are unable to judge, ask someone else. What looks nice in your eyes might look terrible to others. This is another reason why most people unsubscribe to newsletters, because of messy, overcrowded, and simply bad lay out. Some of the lay out are too huge in size as well, making it longer for those with slower internet connection to load.

If your unsubscribe rate is high, try to check your newsletters and take off some advertising. Too much advertising annoys subscribers as well. And finally and most importantly, check the way you are writing your newsletters. Are they rude? Are you bragging too much? Does your attitude portray badly? Check to see if you are over-selling as well. Newsletters work best when you try to pre-sell or sell subtly. Hard selling does not go well with newsletters.

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