Useful MarketingThe use of newsletters as a marketing tool has always been a prevalent practice among businesses to communicate with their existing customers and reach out to potential new clients. Newsletters are very useful for publishing company announcements, advertising products, and informing readers of new services, upcoming events and ongoing promotions and discounts. Customer satisfaction is vital for a successful business, so it is important that newsletters be tailored to the needs and interests of the clients.

Newsletters began as print-based compilations of feature articles, company news and information that were usually created using Microsoft Office Publisher or similar software. The cost and labor requirements of newsletter production were substantial, given that it involved considerable amounts of copying, proofreading, and finally printing en masse. Companies and organizations had to be prepared to invest a significant sum of money for the production and distribution of newsletters, especially if their subscribers numbered over a thousand.

Today, online newsletters comprise the obvious cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the high production costs of print newsletters. Online newsletters are invaluable tools for businesses to market their products and services and keep in contact with their customers or clients without the need for physical distribution of printed materials. They are available from numerous companies that offer online newsletter services for a reasonable fee. There are also various web resources for people to design and create their own newsletters.

Several online newsletter services offer businesses a free trial period of 30 days or more in which they can experiment with their product, evaluate its benefits, and assess the response they receive from their customers. These services supply them with free newsletter templates for customization and use, and carry out the distribution of the finished newsletter if the business provides a mailing list with the contact information of their subscribers.

It is also not a complicated endeavor to design and circulate your own email newsletter. There are several websites that offer wide selections of newsletter templates from which you can choose the most appropriate one for your business image. Then it is a straightforward process to add the desired images, graphics, and information and customize the template with your preferred layouts, fonts, and colors. When finalizing your newsletter, make sure to save your work, proofread, and verify the accuracy of all information presented. Then enter the names and email addresses of all your customers, hit Send, and you’re all set!

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