Microsoft Word 2007Setting up a newsletter can be difficult. It all depends on what you are using to set up your newsletter template. If you have Microsoft Word 2007, the steps might be different than if you were using either a more new or older edition.

It is important you do not let yourself get frustrated. Setting up a newsletter template does not require any sophisticated software. Microsoft Word 2007 has everything you could possibly need.

Get started by creating a new document. Click the “Office Button” on the top left of your screen. Make sure you select the “Newsletter” icon so now you can start working in a format compatible for newsletters. Next you have to choose a newsletter template. Once you pick the newsletter template that best suits you and what you’re trying to accomplish, just download it. It’s that easy.

The next step requires you take care of the heading. If there is any heading on the newsletter template that you want to change, this is your chance to do that. Edit all the text boxes.

You’ll want to take care of any pictures next. These images add personality to your newsletter template so choose wisely. Simply go to format, click the “Picture Tools” icon and adjust the picture so it looks the way you want. You can make it brighter or add shadows and re-size the image too.

After all this is done and you are satisfied with the way your newsletter template looks, save it and you’re done.

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